Blockchain For Executives

Welcome to the Blockchain world: Training Course for Executives

Improve operational efficiency through technology. Unblock Your Future!

BLOCKCHAIN: What is it about
An overview of the history of blockchain. How it started and what it is intended for (a non-technical approach. No IT skills required). We talk about the ‘trustless’ transactions, decentralized ledgers, and the risks of Blockchain.

We will discuss about the principles of cryptography and how cryptocurrencies and ‘tokens’work. We will have quick look at the initial coin offerings (ICOs).  Is there any regulatory constraints?  Any compliance requirements?

What is Ethereum and what is its role in the ‘smart contracts’ ecosystem.  Every technology has its limitations and Ethereum is definitely not an exception.  We will explore some of the constraints and their impact on the different use cases. 

Blockchain is definitely a disruptive technology.  It might raise eyebrows, or create Aha Moments! Which industries could take advantage of Blockchain?  How such a technology could create a leap for companies operating in these industries. Understand the potential, to open up opportunities.

We will highlight some of the already launched Blockchain projects.  This will give you a clear understanding about how you could implement it within your organization.

Through This Blockchain Course You Will:

Learn: Grasp the basics of Blockchain, and understand how and if it fits your line of business.  Become familiar with the topic to a level to be comfortable talking about it.

Decide: Decide what part of the Blockchain could benefit your business. Select a pilot process to start with.

Start: Once you identify the right course of action, start by planning and by allocating the right resources.

  • This training session is conceived for business executives aiming at understanding the basics of Blockchain technology. We will outline the different applications for Blockchain covering different industries.
  • If you are at the executive level (CxO), an entrepreneur, a decision maker or a person participating the decision making process within a mid and senior manager/ director level then you are looking at the right course for yourself.
How Blockchain Works

Blockchain Part 1: 4 principles of Blockchain

Blockchain Part 2: Public VS Private Blockchain

Blockchain Part 3: Benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain Part 4: Limitations of Blockchain