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Business Game Simulation

Business Game Simulation is a serious tool which could be extremely beneficial for businesses and academic organizations.  It brings a unique experience in all different scenarios.  The corporate environment can benefit from the Business Game Simulation as a great team building tool.  Whereas universities, colleges and schools will be able to bring a different learning experience to the classroom.   They will be able to prepare the students for the real business life.

Training Synopsis

Business Game Simulations are innovative training tools that allows to reproduce the dynamics and logic of a particular economic scenario.

How it works

The participants are grouped in teams made up of 4 to 5 members. Each team has to lead a virtual company with the aim to improve its financial performance and, in particular, increasing its value on the market. The participants have to take a decision about the main strategic variables that characterizes the Business Game scenario.

Our Business Simulations are “unconventional” training tools, intuitive, dynamic and engaging that best represent the paradigm of “learning by doing “and” learning by thinking”.


  • Gives you the ability to illustrate theoretical business

  • Improves knowledge retention, decision making and team work skills

  • Increases student engagement and enjoyment

  • Allows you to run all of your simulation based courses online in any format

  • Gives you a powerful tool to test the hands on skills and strategic thinking

Course Agenda

Who should participate

Anyone who is looking to improve the business skills.  Both Professionals and Students will benefit from our Business Simulations.

We cooperate with big firms and universities to deliver a tailored approach.

Business Game Simulation format

We can deliver the simulation in 2 different formats:

– All Online

– Hybrid: in a classroom, where participants will interact online with the simulation and a moderator will debrief the rounds and provide feedback for key learning and takeaways.

Learning Outcomes
  • Group & Team Work

  • problem solving

  • creativity

  • strategic analysis

  • decision making.

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Our business game simulation  already trained more than 2,000 students with the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston.  Our simulations provide a unique experience with different scenarios where professionals and students could learn from each experience and apply it immediately in their day to day activities.