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We are CDAP Approved!


We will build a Digital Adoption Plan which meets the criteria and the requirements of CDAP (Canada Digital Adoption Program)


We offer you our extensive experience and expertise within the Digital, Technology and Telecommunication areas. Where we served clients on 4 continents, in more than a dozen of countries.


We help you adopt and implement new technology which will help you become more efficient and customer centric


Our aim is to equip you and your business with all the tools and the knowledge to help you grow confidently your business.



Receive up to $15,000 Grant & $100,000 Loan & Youth Wage Subsidy




The Role of the Digital Advisor

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a valuable resource for small businesses looking to take advantage of government funding to boost their business technology.

CDAP administrators have verified and confirmed that Strategy Up, has a significant amount of experience relevant to the digital adoptions related to this funding program.

They have had past references confirm that we have a history of creating successful digital adoption plans. This is a proof of our ability to review your digital needs assessment, along with your unique business goals and identify what technology you should adopt in order to succeed.

This Digital Advisor program is an invaluable resource for any small business looking to take advantage of government funding for business technology.

How Can a Digital Advisor Help You

A digital advisor for the Boost Your Business Technology grant offers you a fair, honest, and accurate idea of the best technology adoption for your needs.

You can trust that the advisor is not biased towards any software vendor because they cannot receive a sales commission from them. This ensures that you will be able to make the best decision for your business without feeling pressure to purchase a certain product.

With this program, you can feel confident that you are getting unbiased advice and information to help you make the best choices for your business.

CDAP - Digital Adoption Program - Approved Digital Advisor

Let’s see if you are eligible:
Reach out to us!

We will help you do your Digital Needs Assessment on the LaMPSS government portal, and guide you through out to process. 

Apply for the Grant, and assign Strategy Up. 

Once we establish your eligibility and you do your Digital Needs Assessment, you will apply for the grant up to $15,000, to help you build the Digital Adoption Plan.  Once you are approved, select Strategy Up as your Digital Advisor from the Marketplace portal which will be made available to you once your are approved. 

Kick Off the project and Sign the Agreement with us!

This is when we start the project by signing an agreement with us, which will be detailing the scope of work and the deliverables.  

Submit the Digital Adoption Plan and Receive the Grant!

Once the Digital Adoption Plan is delivered to you, you will have to submit it, along all the invoices which you have paid us, on the CDAP portal.  Then you will be reimbursed and will receive back the grant.  

Get a loan of up to $100,000 from BDC

This is an optional step.  You can reach out to BDC to apply for a 0% interest loan, to help you implement the Digital Adoption Plan which we have developed for you.  This loan could be repaid over 5 years.

Our Areas of Expertise

We’ve been helping businesses in their diverse needs. We focus on several aspects of the Digital Economy, and we have been successful in defining strategies, and in implementing these strategies for our clients. 

Your Success! Our Strategy!

This is focused on internal efficiency and back office operations.  We help the management team to have a better control on the operations which will help in making better decisions. 

The digital economy is all about enhancing the customer experience.  Our focus is to help you serve your customers better and to help you reach out to them in an optimal way.  We provide you with the tools which helps you deliver your value proposition to your target audience.  There is nothing better than a strong perceived value!

No matter your industry, you will need to embrace several aspects of the digital services which are out there.  We can help you define your needs and identify the best solutions which will deliver a great result for your business.