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Change Management Tools and Techniques for Business Success

Change management has emerged as a crucial aspect for businesses due to the rapidly evolving nature of modern markets and industries.

In an era characterized by technological advancements, globalization, and shifting consumer preferences, organizations must constantly adapt to remain competitive and sustain growth. Effective change management enables businesses to anticipate, navigate, and capitalize on these changes by fostering agility, resilience, and innovation.

Moreover, it ensures smooth transitions during periods of transformation, minimizes disruption to operations, and maximizes employee engagement and productivity. Ultimately, mastering change management is essential for businesses to not only survive but thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

Training Synopsis

Mastering Change Management: Tools and Techniques for Business Success

Mastering Change Management: Tools and Techniques for Business Success equips business leaders with essential skills to navigate organizational transformations effectively. Participants delve into the psychology of change, explore popular models, and learn strategies to overcome resistance and manage fatigue. Led by industry experts, this course offers practical insights for driving successful change initiatives, empowering professionals to lead with confidence and ensure long-term business growth. 

Marc is a certified adult educator, and received his certification from the Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration of Nova Scotia


  • Defining change management
  • Describe factors that contribute to the resistance to change in organizations
  • List the three phases of change management
  • Explain at least three change management models
  • Identify strategies for leading a change effort
  • Explain why change efforts fail
  • Demonstrate strategies for problem solving in change management
  • Define change fatigue
  • List strategies for managing change fatigue


  • What is change management
  • Why people in organizations resist change
  • Phases of change management
  • Kotter’s 8-phase model for change
  • The ADKAR model for change management
  • Lewin’s Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze model
  • Designing a change plan
  • Creating a change team
  • Vision and strategy
  • Communications plan for a change effort
  • Obstacles to change
  • Creating and celebrating wins
  • Continuous improvement in the change effort
  • Anchoring change to the company’s culture
  • Why change effort fails
  • Creative problem solving techniques
  • Change fatigue

Who Should Attend







Abstract icon abstract

Facilitator was knowledgeable and always had good examples.

Tamara Marshall - Accounts Payable


Ryan Frith profile picture

As a management team we have been dealing with a number of challenges from new products and teams, movement of work, changing of roles, growth and more in the recent few months. I thought Strategy Up did well in preparing a few foundational models and topics to address a broad spectrum of relatable and usable content for all role levels from junior managers to senior managers and in between, as well as focusing on values that brought us together from a leadership, engagement and unity perspective. We have continued to work with Strategy Up on a go forward basis for other exciting initiatives to invest into our staff and their knowledge, support and careers holistically. A sincere thank you to the Strategy Up team and their passion, enthusiasm and professionalism.

Ryan Frith - Head of Hedge Fund Operations

Maitland Group

Andreen Brown - Maitland

The training session[…Leadership Skills Training…] with Marc was well presented, engaging, interesting and useful

Andreen Brown - Manager-Hedge Fund Operations

Maitland Group

Matt Jenkinson - Testimonial

The Strategy Up session […Leadership Skills Training…] with Marc was incredibly informative and engaging with great managerial content

Matt Jenkinson - Manager Fund Accounting

Maitland Group

Shelley Jeffrey Profile Picture

It was interactive, I was actually pleased it was a small group. It was light and entertaining as well.

Shelley Jeffrey - Regional Sales Manager

Connect Hearing

Daniel Currie - Profile picture

My experience with Telcovision Group (the parent company of Strategy Up) through Marc Zirka has been outstanding. Telcovision delivered a quality product, on-time and with no surprises or drama. The experience for my 600 participants participating in the digital start-up simulation was an unqualified success. Beyond the simulation, Marc did a great job helping me to articulate the learning objectives of the exercise and communicate those to the participants in a way that delivered real value to them.”

Daniel Currie - Professor

University of Houston - Bauer School of Business

Course Agenda

Day 1

Lesson 1: What is Change Management
Lesson 2: Importance of change management in organizations
Lesson 3: The Impact of Change on Individuals and Organizations
Lesson 4: Resistance to Change – Why people in organizations resist change
Lesson 5: Reduce the Resistance

Day 2

Lesson 6: Kurt Lewin’s Three-Stage Model – Unfreeze – Change – Freeze
Lesson 7: Change Design Choices
Lesson 8: Kotter’s 8 Step Model
Lesson 10: Measuring Change Effectiveness
Lesson 11: Preparing for the change
Lesson 12: Build the change

Day 3

Lesson 13: Building the Team
Lesson 14: Change Agents – Essential members of the change management team
Lesson 15: Communication
Lesson 16: Active Listening
Lesson 17: Communication Planning
Lesson 18: The 4 Dominant Communication Styles

Day 4

Lesson 19: Sustaining the Change
Lesson 20: Thinking Outside the Box
Lesson 21: Continuous Improvement
Lesson 22: Change Fatigue

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