Strategic & Succession Planning

Training Synopsis
Move from reactive to proactive management of people within your organization
Effective strategic and succession planning is rooted in a continuous process of building leaders at all levels of your organization.
This course focuses on fostering a culture of strategic and succession planning and provides participants with specific approaches and tools aimed at all levels of the organization: CEO’s, board members and senior managers.
Learn practical steps and gain concrete resources to support your organization to plan strategically and proactively for leadership excellence You will be equipped to identify your current and future leadership requirements to move your mission forward.


At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Define attributes of an organizational-wide succession planning strategy

  • Analyze your strategic plan and organizational life cycle to identify the skills and expertise you require in the future

Who Should Attend

CEO’s, board members and senior managers

Workshop Benefits

Participants will learn how to develop an organization-wide succession planning strategy.

  • Elaborating the mission statement, defining the vision and values

  • Setting business goals

  • Assigning roles, responsibilities and accountability​


  • Foundation of Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Planning Snapshot
  • Executing the Plan
  • Settings Goals
  • What does the Strategic Plan Look Like?
  • How to Maintain Your Strategic Plan


Module 1 – Intro to Strategic Planning


  • Welcome and Introduction

  • Workshop objective, workshop housekeeping

  • What is strategic planning and why we need it ; What is Succession Planning

Foundation of Strategic Planning

  • Pyramid Structure

  • Elaborating the Mission Statement (team and individual work)

  • Defining the Vision (Designing Our Vision) (including team and individual work)

  • Defining the Values (Creating Value Statements -including team and individual work)

Module 2 – SWOT Analysis & Goal Settings

  • Setting Goals

  • What is SWOT Analysis (theory and team work)

  • How to Set the Business Goals

  • Assigning Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountability

  • Problem Solving

Module 3 – Succession Planning

  • Succession Planning:  Key steps for a successful path

  • Succession Planning: Team work – Assessing the needs of our business

Module 4– Career Management

  • The Basics of Career Management and Succession Planning

  • Promoting a Development Culture

  • Identifying High Potentials

  • Career Development: Tools and Methodologies

  • Developing Internal Successors

Module 5– Wrap Up

  • Team presentations

  • Workshop Review

  • Feedback session

Distribution of Certificates