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Government grants and programs supporting small business

Business government grants:

CDAP is a Federal Government program offering different grants.  from $2,500 up to $15,000. 


CDAP - Digital Adoption Program - Approved Digital Advisor


The government of Nova Scotia has put in place many grants and programs to support Small Businesses. The programs are either ran by the government’s own departments, or through partners such as CBDC, ACOA and many other.

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Below are the details of some of these programs which could be helpful for your business.

CBDC -CAS government grants and programs

CBDC – Consultant Advisory Services (CAS)

The Consultant Advisory Services program is offered by ACOA with CBDCs handling the administration and counselling involved. This is one of the government grants and programs which you can tap into.

– Diagnostic assessments
– Business Management Development Practices
– Access to Capital
– Market Readiness/Export Potential
– Specific Studies/Business Plan Mentoring
– Business Coaching
– Business Valuation
– Aftercare/Mentoring and Follow-Up

To know how we can support, contact us on or visit CBDC Website:

Labor and Advanced Education - WIPSI - government grants and programs

Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI)

WIPSI supplements employer contributions to train full-time staff * (permanently located in Nova Scotia) to:
– Improve productivity and profitability
– Increase innovation
– Adapt to new technology, machinery and equipment, or work processes
– Increase inter-provincial and international competitiveness; and Foster workplace diversity.

This is as well another one of the government grants and programs which you can tap into.

To know how we can support, contact us on or visit WIPSI Program Website:

Finally, each of the above mentioned programs has its own specific set of eligibility criteria and provides the government funds and grand accordingly. If you need any help in understand if your company qualifies, please reach out to us. Our team is ready to support you and see you grow your own business.


WIPSI provides up to $10,000 or 50% of the total training cost. Contact Us to see how you could qualify.

CBDC – CAS provides up to $5,000, for qualifying companies and services. Contact Us to see how you could qualify.