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Marketing In The New
Digital Era Course

The COVID-19 crisis has forced us to change the way we do business and interact with our customers. We need to adapt and transform our operational model, and this change starts with our marketing and commercial activities. The customer behaviour has changed, and will continue to change even further in the near future.

Training Synopsis

Marketing In The New Digital Era

Digital Marketing Training Course

You will learn how to implement the major concepts of marketing the in the digital environment.  This course is going to cover the basic concepts, however you will have plenty of learning activities, giving you a hands on approach towards Digital Marketing.  We go beyond online advertising… actually we teach you how to build effective advertising campaigns by mastering many marketing concepts.  Join us today!

Marc ZIRKA is our resident pro in building and executing Marketing Strategies and Campaigns.  He brings 21 years of experience in managing projects and people on four continents and six countries with regional, national and international responsibilities. You can be certain that he has the experience to understand your unique situation and guide you in becoming the marketer you always wanted to be.  Marc is a certified adult educator, and received his certification from the Department of Labour & Advanced Education in Nova Scotia

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  • Identifying your unique selling proposition
  • Developing or attacking a new target market
  • Developing you marketing objectives
  • Identifying the components of a digital promotional campaign
  • Defining the digital sales cycle
  • Determining the strategies to complete an online sale with cross-selling and up-selling techniques
  • Learning the key differences among the various social media platforms
  • Determining your marketing budget


  • Introduction to Marketing, Strategic Positioning
  • Segmentation
  • Market Research (Objectives and Types of research)
  • Value Proposition, Customer Relationship Management
  • Unique selling proposition, Positioning Statement
  • Digital Marketing Strategy (Demo Facebook and LinkedIn Ads)
  • SEO and SEM 
  • Sales Techniques
  • Media Plan and Marketing Budget
  • Social Media Platforms

Who Should Attend

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Social Media Professionals


Jay Fisher Profile pic - digital marketing training course

Taking Strategy Up’s “Marketing in the New Digital Era” course was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business. It was an amazing 12 week crash course (because yes, there is that much to learn) starting with the fundamentals, and incorporating real life examples of how each stage is implemented. Does this make me an expert? No. But now I know what I don’t know when it comes to marketing, and that’s immeasurably valuable. I was especially fortunate have Marc to help guide my class through it all. He’s not only a fountain of information, but he breaks it down in a way that take the intimidation factor to almost zero. On top of that, he really listens and cares about each person and their journey, whatever stage they’re in. If you have the opportunity to work with Marc and Strategy Up, jump at it!

Jay Fisher - Headshot Photographer

Capture It Photography

Pat Power Minto Consulting Profile Picture - digital marketing training course

Marc is an expert at Digital Marketing and Telecommunications. I got to know Marc as one of his students on a Digital Marketing course he taught, in partnership with the Halifax Metro Business Association. Marc has both the practical and theoretical expertise to not only excel at teaching but truly engage his students. I have taken many university courses, including completion of two Graduate degrees, and Marc was a higher caliber instructor than most of my university professors !”

Pat Power

Minto Consulting Services

Michele Davidson Vacation MD Profile Picture - digital marketing training course

If you are a small business owner in NS, I strongly recommend you register for this free course! Marc Zirka is extremely knowledgeable and shares his wisdom in a relaxed and informative online structure. I just completed this program and took away SO MANY valuable lessons. Highly recommended!

Michele Davidson

Vacation MD

Laura Cormier Profile Picture - digital marketing training course

I have recently had the pleasure to take the course, “Marketing in the New Digital Era” with Marc Zirka, and I have been thoroughly impressed by his dedication to adult learning. His wonderful use of business experiences, real-life examples, and an open and constructive teaching style made for a fantastic learning experience. Thanks for helping me take my business to the next level!

Laura Cormier

Workplace Therapeutics

Leadership & Team Management Training

Hind Hammoud Profile Picture - digital marketing training course

This is a great course… thanks again Marc. Your course has helped build my confidence in promoting my event digitally.

Hind Hammoud

Atlantic Convenience Expo

Debbie Smith All points travel Profile Picture - digital marketing training course

Great course Marc, I learned so much

Debbie Smith

All Points Travel

Course Agenda

Digital Marketing Training Course

Week 1: Introduction to Marketing, Strategic Positioning, Needs/Wants/Demand

Week 2: Segmentation, Features & Benefits, Strategic Positioning (Continued)

Week 3: Market Research (Objectives and Types of research); Market research Demo

Week 4: Value Proposition, Customer Relationship Management

Week 5: Unique selling proposition, Positioning Statement

Week 6: Digital Marketing Strategy (Demo Facebook and LinkedIn Ads); Pricing Techniques

Week 7: Marketing Objectives; SEO and SEM (Google Search, SEO demo on WordPress)

Week 8: Sales Techniques (Closing techniques, prospecting); Elevator Pitch, Probing questions,

Week 9: Creative campaigns; Media Plan and Marketing Budget

Week 10: Social Media Platforms, Influencer Marketing

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Through our Digital Marketing Training Course, you will gain an unbiased, undivided attention from our certified trainers.  All our trainers have a wealth of experience in the business world, where they join the practical implementation to the theoretical knowledge.   

You will learn not only from our trainers, however our interactive classrooms (online or in physical), provide a great interaction with your peers.  We encourage group discussions and group learning activities.  We offer a very safe learning space, where trust, confidentiality and respect are the overarching guidelines.