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Marketing in the New Digital Era – Family Business Association (FBA)

This course is provided by the Family Business Association (FBA) and funded by the Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration.

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Any person residing in Nova Scotia, who is employed or self-employed is eligible to apply to this course. You will have to commit to participate and attend minimum 80% of the time to be entitled to receive the certificate. This is a 40 hours course. Due to the COVID 19 crisis, this course will be delivered Online. The estimated start date of this course will be on January 05, 2023 at 9am.

Course title: “Marketing in the Digital Era”

Course description:

The COVID-19 crisis has forced us to change the way we do business and interact with our customers. We need to adapt and transform our operational model, and this change starts with our marketing and commercial activities. The customer behaviour has changed, and will continue to change even further in the near future.

You will learn how to redefine and identify the core components of your digital marketing strategy by:

  • Identifying your unique selling proposition
  • Developing or attacking a new target market
  • Developing you marketing objectives
  • Identifying the components of a digital promotional campaign
  • Defining the digital sales cycle
  • Determining the strategies to complete an online sale with cross-selling and up-selling techniques
  • Learning the key differences among the various social media platforms
  • Determining your marketing budget

The following topics will be covered during the course: marketing strategy, market research, customer relationship management, product pricing and pricing strategies. Sales techniques, promotional strategies, digital marketing strategies, creative campaigns and marketing budgets will be discussed as well.

Facilitated by Marc Zirka, founder and CEO of Strategy Up. With 24 years of experience building corporate and commercial strategies and running his own business from Dartmouth, NS, Marc will be highlighting all the positive aspects of adapting your marketing and commercial activities to the digital and online era. Marc brings an international and local experience to help your businesses grow and become more efficient. He has been assisting businesses thrive for excellence and to improve their operational efficiency. Marc is a seasoned trainer, facilitator, and public speaker.

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