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Strategy Up:
PIVOT Methodology

We have developed our own methodology to help businesses transform their operations and join the digital economy. 


Nowadays, enhancing your operational efficiency through digital adoption will put you at the forefront of your industry. The PIVOT Methodology is guiding you through the Digital Transformation process.  

Contact us today to know more about the transformation journey which we can take you, your team and your organization through.  



P of PIVOT Methodology - Strategy UP

Planning is the most important step of this methodology.  Like everything in business, if we do not plan correctly, using the proper Strategic Planning Methodologies, we are potentially setting our business to fail.  

Our planning phase will cover:
– SWOT Analysis
– Value Curve
BCG Strategy Palette

Funding for the development of a Digital Plan is available through CDAP (for Canadian Based Companies). 

BCG Strategy Palette

Once the Plan is ready, and is endorsed by all the stakeholders, the next step would be IMPLEMENT by ramping up the resources capacity.  That’s why, the implementation will be done in different steps/stages depending on the complexity of the transformation program. 

Resources to be considered:

  • People: Training, Recruitment, Rotation
  • Processes: Process improvement, Process reengineering
  • Systems: Upgrade of old systems, implementation of new systems, retiring old systems. 
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Whenever the implementation phase is completed, you will need to VERIFY that the implementation was done correctly, as planned.  Hence, the verification process will follow a thorough scrutiny against the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), and other metrics that were set and identify in the planning and in the implementation stages. 

What is covered:

  • KPI definition and KPI dashboard
  • UAT: User Acceptance Tests
  • Stress Test (when and if needed)
  • Process Audits: Internal Audit

By now you need to OPERATE the business based on the first 3 stages.  Depending on the complexity of the program or on the associated risks, we will design the appropriate operation plan. 

If the risk and the changes are minimal, then the operation can be ramped up relatively rapidly.  However, there were many risks identified, then the operation will be ramped up gradually.



Pilot kick-off process
O of PIVOT Methodology - Strategy UP
T of PIVOT Methodology - Strategy UP

This is where all the TRANSFORMATION happens!  We guide you through a gradual transformation process, so all stakeholders (Internal and External) will have enough time to adapt to, and to adopt the change.  Take That’s why, a progressive and iterative transformation reduces many risks and enhances the performance on the long run.  

This will allow you as well to have a relatively fast time to market.  

Moreover, an internal and external communication plan has to be put in place.  The communication should be informative and educational as well.  

Digital Transformation Process - Strategy Up