Online – Strategic Planning, Adapting your business in times of Crisis (4 hours)

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Strategic Planning in times of crisis/ Formation en Planification Stratégique en période de crise

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Training Synopsis

Move from reactive to proactive management of people within your organization

Effective strategic and succession planning is rooted in a continuous process of building leaders at all levels of your organization.

This course focuses on fostering a culture of strategic and succession planning and provides participants with specific approaches and tools aimed at all levels of the organization: CEO’s, board members and senior managers.


  • At the end of this session, you will be able to:

    • Define the right strategy for you to navigate in uncertain times.
    • Understand the different strategic management models to approach your challenges
    • Analyze your strategic plan and organizational life cycle to identify the skills and expertise you require in the future

Topics                                                                                  Who Should Attend

  • Foundation of Strategic Planning                             Owners ; CEO’s
  • Strategic Planning Snapshot                                     Entrepreneurs
  • Settings Goals                                                              Senior Managers & Managers
  • What does the Strategic Plan Look Like?
  • How to Maintain Your Strategic Plan


Module 1 – Intro to Strategic Planning


  • Welcome and Introduction

  • Workshop objective, workshop housekeeping

  • What is strategic planning and why we need it ; What is Succession Planning

Foundation of Strategic Planning

  • Pyramid Structure

  • Elaborating the Mission Statement (team and individual work)

  • Defining the Vision (Designing Our Vision) (including team and individual work)

  • Defining the Values (Creating Value Statements -including team and individual work)

Module 2 – SWOT Analysis & Goal Settings

  • Setting Goals

  • What is SWOT Analysis (theory and team work)

  • How to Set the Business Goals

  • Assigning Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountability

  • Problem Solving


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