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“As a management team we have been dealing with a number of challenges from new products and teams, movement of work, changing of roles, growth and more in the recent few months. I thought Strategy Up did well in preparing a few foundational models and topics to address a broad spectrum of relatable and usable content for all role levels from junior managers to senior managers and in between, as well as focusing on values that brought us together from a leadership, engagement and unity perspective. We have continued to work with Strategy Up on a go forward basis for other exciting initiatives to invest into our staff and their knowledge, support and careers holistically. A sincere thank you to the Strategy Up team and their passion, enthusiasm and professionalism.” – Ryan

“It was interactive, I was actually pleased it was a small group. It was light and entertaining as well” – Shelley

“Facilitator was knowledgeable and always had good examples” – Tamara

“The training session[…Leadership Skills Training…] with Marc was well presented, engaging, interesting and useful” – Andreen

Leadership Skills & Team Management Training / Formation en Leadership et Gestion d’équipes. (Includes an online Business Simulation / Une Simulation de gestion d’entreprises en ligne incluse)

From 9am until 5pm (3 Full Days) / De 9h à 17h (3 Journées complètes)

For information please call 902.989.7277 or email us / Pour plus d’informations, veuillez appeler le 902.989.7277 ou nous envoyer un couriel à


Training Synopsis

This is a 3 days training (Online or In-Class – 9am-5pm, over 3 days)

Professional development is crucial to the success of your career. From managing projects and/or people you will need to be on the top of your game and prepare yourself to be assertive and confident.

Managing people is a rewarding but challenging task and can be most fulfilling when you know you have managed with a solid effort. Reaching this milestone is not impossible; you just need to have the right tools and skills.

This training program will include an Online Business Game Simulation, where you will have the chance to simulate running a business, make key decisions about the business and see the results of your decisions.  What is better than learning in a safe environment where even doing a crucial mistake will not cost you money.  The Business Game Simulation will be coached by our trainer and will provide invaluable insights about your decisions and about the results.

The session will be divided in 2 sections:

  • 1.5 days: Program Material
  • 1.5 days: Business Game Simulation


  • Understand how a team is formed and the different dynamics
  • Know how to read personalities and manage emotions, tasks and expectations
  • Learn how to provide effective feedback to your team members to reach excellence
  • Advance with new techniques to become a champion negotiator
  • Real life case studies and applying your performance in your active role

Topics                                                                                  Who Should Attend

  • Communication                                                           Business Owners
  • Give and Receive Feedback                                         Entrepreneurs
  • Understand the roles                                                   Managers
  • Push your self beyond the limits                                 Product Managers
  • Team Life-cycle
  • Online Business Game Simulation


Module 1 – THE TEAM

Characteristics of a Team; how it is formed and what to expect.  Being a team manager or team member.

  • How to react, and how to get the most from every situation

  • Team building activity


Push yourself to the limit, reach excellence, get out from your comfort zone

  • Provide feedback to the team, which is constructive and positive. Not everyone is set to lead​

  • Team building activity​


  • Learn how to manage up and manage down through effective communication.  Proper communication techniques are key to success

  •  Learn how you are perceived and how you perceive others. Things are not always the way they seem.  Successful leaders should understand the nuances​

  • Team building activity

Module 4– SELF AWARENESS – Meet your team

  • Learn how to understand the psychological role of the team members

  • How to select your team accordingly and build an efficient working synergy

  • Learn how to avoid unnecessary conflicts and learn how manage them efficiently

Module 5– Online Business Game Simulation

  • Simulate running a business and taking managerial decisions

  • See and analyze your results

  • Get coached by our trainer.




March 25 , 2021, April 1, 2021


3 Days


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