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Work from Home: How to lead and manage your team

$ 699.00 Excluding Sales Tax, HST

Leadership Skills & Team Management Training / Formation en Leadership et Gestion d’équipes

From 9am until 5pm (Full Day) / De 9h à 17h (Journée complète)

For information please call 902.989.7277 or email us / Pour plus d’informations, veuillez appeler le 902.989.7277 ou nous envoyer un couriel à


Training Synopsis
Professional development is crucial to the success of your career. From managing projects and/or people you will need to be on the top of your game and prepare yourself to be assertive and confident.
Managing people while working from home is a rewarding but challenging task and can be most fulfilling when you know you have managed with a solid effort. Reaching this milestone is not impossible; you just need to have the right tools and skills.


  • Understand how a team is formed and the different dynamics
  • Know how to read personalities and manage emotions, tasks and expectations
  • Learn how to provide effective feedback to your team members to reach excellence, while working from home
  • Advance with new techniques to become a champion negotiator
  • Real life case studies and applying your performance in your active role

Topics                                                                                  Who Should Attend

  • Communication                                                           Business Owners
  • Give and Receive Feedback                                         Entrepreneurs
  • Understand the roles                                                   Managers
  • Push your self beyond the limits                                 Product Managers
  • Team Life-cycle


Module 1 – THE TEAM

Characteristics of a Team; how it is formed and what to expect.  Being a team manager or team member.

  • How to react, and how to get the most from every situation

  • Team building activity


Push yourself to the limit, reach excellence, get out from your comfort zone

  • Provide feedback to the team, which is constructive and positive. Not everyone is set to lead​

  • Team building activity​


  • Learn how to manage up and manage down through effective communication.  Proper communication techniques are key to success

  •  Learn how you are perceived and how you perceive others. Things are not always the way they seem.  Successful leaders should understand the nuances​

  • Team building activity

Module 4– SELF AWARENESS – Meet your team

  • Learn how to understand the psychological role of the team members

  • How to select your team accordingly and build an efficient working synergy

  • Learn how to avoid unnecessary conflicts and learn how manage them efficiently




September 24


1 Day


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