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gad el Maleh

Reinvent Yourself – Grow beyond your market

A life experience from Gad El-Maleh. INSPIRING! How to reinvent yourself in new markets.

Any enterprise or personal initiative enters a certain the life cycle pattern from idea to execution, to success (hopefully) and to decline. Many people start thinking about the next steps when they start facing the decline stage. Before that, we are all Gung Ho!, living in a our success bubble with a flourishing like lifestyle.

Very few start planning and even execute while they are still in their Growth and Success stages.

Few days ago, I came across an inspiring and highly admirable interview of Gad el Maleh ( If you are not from France or a Frenchy, you might not know Gad. If you live in New York, his name might have crossed your path if you are a fan of stand up comedy.

Gad is a French-Moroccan humorist, who is among the few artists able to have his events sold out weeks if not months before their occur. Gad, in France is the humorist whom you cannot ignore, whom you cannot not know. It is almost impossible to ask a French person about Gad and not know who Gad is.

He has been at the top of his career in France fro years. There was nothing in the horizon which was showing (the general public) that Gad’s popularity will fade away anytime soon.

However, Gad, sensed it. He knew that beyond every climax, there is a race to the bottom. It is almost impossible to retain your top position forever.

This is when Gad, decided to take a leave of absence from his throne, without really abdicating it. His native languages are Arabic and French, but he saw an opportunity in New York. Really, New York! Do you know Gad, that they speak English in New York?!

This did not deter Gad from pursuing his dream. He saw the opportunity, he understood the challenges and still went for it. He improved his English vocabulary, he defied all the challenges from starting from scratch in new York. As he was saying, “I was walking on the street and no one knew who I am” or “when I was introduced to people, they were asking me what do I do for a living”, in France you never ask this question.

Gad was able to reinvent himself in a new market.

Watch Gad’s interview talking about his New York experience. Inspiring!

He defied all the odds in New York, from a full house at the Olympia in Paris, to very few people in a bar in New York who were barely laughing at his jokes. But he made it. Perseverance, hard work, commitment and talent all made him again the Star of New York!

Developing a new market, being on quest to find your target audience, pushing yourself to the limit and finally seeing the fruits of your hard work is definitely extremely rewarding.

What we learn from Gad as a lesson for every entrepreneur is the following:

  1. Always dream
  2. Work towards your dream by setting the right objectives
  3. Be alert and one step ahead
  4. Work relentlessly to overcome your fear(s)
  5. Be passionate about what you do
  6. Be talented in what you do
  7. Take the first step and dive into your new world
  8. Capitalize on your past achievements but never settle for what you have

There are definitely many ways to reinvent yourself in new markets, however you need to find the right approach for your own brand.

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