Strategy Up

Startup Coaching

Every Startup needs a Startup Coaching Consultant. Strategy Up accompany enthusiastic entrepreneurs through their journey to help them bring a concrete output to their dreams.  Get by your side an expert who is willing to challenge you to seek excellence.  An outsider voice, is always your best choice to guide you through a sound process of checks and balances.  

Startup coaching

We have defined 6 steps to help you govern better your startup:

Our Startup Coaching Consulting Services,  help you accelerate your startup process from moving fast from the idea stage into a concrete product or service ready to serve your first customers.

We provide unbiased and objective feedback by challenging you to find the right customer segment, define your product and service user experience.

You can count on our support to help you in the primary and secondary market research where we help you to find the right resources for your project.

Last but not least, we guide you a help you to decide at which stage you might need to pivot your startup and until which stage you will have to keep on pushing and managing.

We Offer Superior Services

We’ve been sitting on the board of several startups.  We are coaching founders, CEO”s and the management teams.   We provide a unique approach to your problems.  We help you see what your day to day business hides from you.  We are the voice that you are longing to hear.