Strategy Up

Tools for Successful Business Growth, productivity & Profitability

This course is provided by the Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium , and funded by the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

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Any person residing in Nova Scotia, who is employed or self-employed is eligible to apply to this course. You will have to commit to participate and attend minimum 80% of the time to be entitled to receive the certificate. Due to the COVID 19 crisis, this course will be delivered Online, Once a week over 12 weeks. Each session will be of 4 hours from 12PM until 4pm every Tuesday. The estimated start date of this course is Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

Course title: “Business Skills – Tools for a successful growth”

Course description:

This course provides the essential business skills that every business owner and entrepreneur should have.  We will be highlighting all the positive aspects of running a business in a competitive market.  Learn how to lead every aspect of your business: Strategic Positioning, Identifying your Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats, Fundamentals of Marketing, Competitive Landscape, Pricing for profit, Developing and strengthening your distribution channel, Identifying your priorities and Developing a 2 year action plan for business growth.

Moreover, you will learn about how to build a successful team and cultivate a safety culture throughout your business.  At the end of this course you will have enough tools and techniques which you can implement immediately to run a stronger and more profitable business.  This course will be Online, over ZOOM. 

This course will be facilitated by Marc Zirka, the founder and CEO of Strategy Up.  Marc has 21 years of experience building corporate and commercial strategies and is running his own business from Bedford, NS.  He is bringing an international and local experience in helping businesses to grow and become more efficient.  He’s been assisting businesses to thrive for excellence and to improve their operational efficiency through consulting, coaching and training.  Marc is a seasoned trainer, facilitator and public speaker.  He is bringing a wealth of experience for keeping you engaged during this course.

  • Lesson 1: Priming Your Business for Success
  • Lesson 2: Strategic Positioning for Success
  • Lesson 3: Marketing Fundamentals 
  • Lesson 4: Pricing for Profit
  • Lesson 5: Successful Selling Techniques
  • Lesson 6: Negotiating for Success
  • Lesson 7: Planning Your Project for Success
  • Lesson 8: Creating the Right Workplace Culture
  • Lesson 9: Identifying Your Human Resource Need
  • Lesson 10: Building a Team for Productivity
  • Lesson 11: Strategic Planning for Growth
  • Lesson 12: Succession Planning