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What you don’t know about the 10 years Facebook Challenge

What’s the fuss about the 10 years Facebook challenge? We’ve recently witnessed a wave Facebook users all going Gung Ho and sharing their pictures of today vs. 10 years ago. Indeed Facebook’s attempt to get this initiative go viral was a huge success. But do you know why Facebook did it? Do you know what are you giving to Facebook?

Facebook users’ average age is going up. More millenials are moving away from Facebook and more Baby Boomers are joining. In 2012, 27% of Facebook users in the US were 45 years old and above, whereas in 2016 it went up to a bit more than 45%. (sources: statista, adplanner)

What this means for Facebook. If someone joined Facebook recently, this means that Facebook does not have enough data to collect on them. This is mainly true in terms of facial recognition and artificial intelligence.

Facebook launched this challenge, so you, as a user, can share with them willingly and unconditionally your pictures of today and 10 years ago. You are helping Facebook to track you better, to recognize you better. More importantly, you are helping Facebook to build its intelligence database for FREE!

So the next time a major social media launches a challenge, think twice and ask yourself if you would want to really participate. Are you running to delete some pictures from your Facebook profile now? Don’t, it’s already too late.

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