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Why we shouldn’t worry much if Oil fields are destroyed… 1 MILLION miles with Tesla!

We were all kept perplexed and worried about the oil fields which were a target of a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia last week. Everyone rushed to increase production, the US tapped into its reserves just to try to maintain the status quo. Don’t rock the boat… it is generating lots of money for all key players. But what the One million miles with Tesla has to do with it?

Well, who cares… if Tesla can deliver the promise. As it was published today on the website of WIRED Magazine, Tesla through Dalhousie University, published a paper explaining how they could deliver a battery that will last a Million Mile!! Yes, ONE MILLION MILES!!!

Below is the link to the source:

First, congrats to the Dalhousie Team ( ;

Second, Thank you Tesla for making such a breakthrough in technology which will put an end to the OIL saga. It created lots of wars, made lots of people rich and many others poor. It afected unrealistic diplomatic ties among countries, where without the Oil, the relationships would have taken a completely different turn. A sour one rather than sweet.

After all, this is a great breakthrough for Tesla, although they made it look as if it is not a big deal. Dalhousie team, keep up the great work.

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